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Awareness, education and communications on ESG

  • Help demystify and promote understanding of sustainable finance and responsible investment through presentations

  • Organize or moderate events featuring ESG topics

  • Go further with personalized training on sustainable finance and / or some of its components

  • Develop ESG communication tools for clients / members / investors of their organization

  • Develop internal communication tools to ensure that the ESG language will be understood and spoken by all

  • Coach business leaders on their ability to project their ESG convictions into their products and practices to position themselves as leaders in their market

Services intended for:

  • Wealth managers

  • Financial institutions

  • Financial advisers and securities dealers

  • Financial associations

  • Educational institutions interested in developing ESG education modules for their students

  • Media

Planning and deploying your ESG strategy

  • Help discover what your convictions and beliefs and those of your clients / members / investors mean in ESG terms

  • Decode these convictions to convert them into an ESG integration action plan at the heart of your business decisions

  • Support your organization in the deployment of its ESG action plan (for example, evolution of a model portfolio)

  • Develop internal skills and suitable tools to provide decision-making autonomy in relation to ESG over the long term

  • Guide in the discovery of new ESG financial products and the development of new customers / member segments sensitive to ESG

Services intended for:

  • Wealth managers in financial institutions

  • Securities brokers

  • Financial associations

  • Companies and associations in the industrial sectors concerned by the application of ESG factors by public and private investors

Define and coordinate structuring projects for the financial industry

  • Research emerging topics and practices to better understand and help define strategies

  • Bring together financial players and their partners to imagine promising initiatives for the sector

  • Coordinate initiatives led by the financial industry to structure the ESG approach

Services intended for:

  • Financial associations

  • Investor groups

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