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Rosalie Vendette is passionate about sustainable finance, a field in which she has been working for nearly 20 years. Convinced of the power of finance to support the transformation of our economies, she makes her expertise available to accelerate change.

Today with DecodESG, she wants more than ever help them master the ESG language and succeed in transitioning to sustainable finance by making wise and informed decisions.

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Rosalie Vendette embodies sustainable finance through numerous projects. She works hand in hand with associations and groups on structuring projects for the sector or the members they serve, such as the development of a Canadian taxonomy of transition in finance.


She is also active with various market leaders, such as financial advisers or investment management firms. It offers them invaluable assistance in the planning and deployment of their strategies for effective consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. At the same time, Rosalie remains involved in several places of collaboration, such as the sustainable finance project of Finance Montreal.


She also speaks on numerous occasions, either at industry events or in the media. She takes pleasure in sharing her knowledge with the many students at the universities where she teaches, on the basics of sustainable finance and responsible investment.




For 10 years, Rosalie Vendette was the spokesperson for responsible investment at Desjardins Group, coordinating the implementation of orientations for the integration of ESG factors. Previously, she carried out various mandates within Groupe investissement responsable (GIR) and with the PRI signatory network of Quebec.


In addition to the Bachelor of Business Administration and the Master of Applied Ethics, Rosalie holds Level 1 and Level 2 Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) credential delivered by the Sustainable Accounting Standard Board (SASB). She also holds the in Sustainable Investments Professional Certification (SIPC) granted by Concordia University.

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